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We are here to serve your video spokesperson needs. We only use experienced, professional spokespeople. They have a wide-range of backgrounds and training. Including spokesmodeling, broadcast journalism, tv presenting, and acting. Our spokespeople will use their talent and experience to promote your website.

We offer spokesperson services that include:

  • Website Spokesperson
  • Video Presentations
  • Online Ads
  • Video FAQs


Animation Example

Animation videos stimulateviewers' brains. They are like a time machine with each new illustration practically hypnotizing the viewer. Because of this hyper focus, the viewer also remembers more of your animation than regular videos.

Clearly, not all animation videos are the identical, so, we work with you to make the best video for your organization. We concentrate on supercharged messages using a hand drawn illistrations that trigger the center for engagement. We make highly successful, energizing animation VIDEOS that explain your product or service.

Product Demos

Product Demonstration Example

Often when you create a product the most challenging part is how to show it to potential customers. Product demonstrations videos can do three general things:

  • Show your merchandise
  • Show your product working
  • How clients can use or assemble it

Our creative specialists work on an international level at branding, design and development. We will show your product in the best possible light. When we finish your videos, people will be able to see it EVERYWHRE. Including phones, tablets and laptops.

Talking Heads is the Leading Web Video Production Company

We provide Video Solutions with a wide variety of Web Video styles

Do you need fresh, up-to-date content for your business? Are you looking for the most skillful Web Video Production Company to get the job done? Then you've come to the right place!

Whether you need a Great Explainer Video, product demos, or a New Animated Video, we can help you out. Talking Heads creates high-quality video content in a variety of styles. Choose the perfect video style for your project and we will work with you to create your video.

We pride ourselves on our experienced website spokespeople. Along with the very best Animators, Compositors, and Graphic Artists in the business. We do not outsource or use freelancers.

Capture your the attention of your website's visitors and build brand awareness. All while increasing your search engine rankings with a Web Video from Talking Heads.

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I had an exceptionally tight deadline... WebsiteTalkingHeads went above and beyond to ensure my project was completed on time.

Benjamin Croft - WBECS

Why Clients Choose Us


With 10+ years of experience in web video production, we will make you love working with Talking Heads.

We do not outsource our tasks to other workshops. We film everything RIGHT HERE!

Our Team

Our team of experts includes: video editors, producers, professional spokespeople, animators, and compositors. We discover the latest techniques, hone new skills, and master the latest tools. We pride ourselves on the high QUALITY of our professional successful spokespeople. This makes the best video production services available for your website.

Our Process

If you’re a person that expects tick off your checkboxes without compromise, then you'll love our research, planning, and execution. Bottom-line, our video production process is what makes us stand out from the pack. We consistently deliver great videos project after project.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality video and adherence to professional practices make us shine. These are some hallmarks that have inspired the Talking Heads way.

We film and composite our videos at our studio to maintain our top quality standards and accuracy. We are the best in Web Video Production

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