Our Spokespeople

People call them Video Spokesperson, Virtual Spokesperson, Web Spokesperson, Spokes-Model, Walk On Actor, Virtual Actor, Person On Website, Online Spokesperson, Web Presenter, Video Presenter, Website Presenter, Video Web Presenter, Promo Video Presenter, Live Actor, Website Video Actor, Virtual Live Actor, iSpokesperson and more...

They are the same as as the presenters you see on Television. They communicate suggestions, news, updates, or attempting to sell. They will keep visitors' attention so they stay longer on your website. Not a simple task considering the brief attention period that many people have! That is why picking the most suitable spokesperson with the job is very important.

Our Software

Our Website Spokespeople come most robust, free, copyrighted Website Spokesperson Software. With the software it will be possible to install on your website quickly and easily. We use HTML5 to generate a video with a transparent background. This works on Personal computers, Laptops, and most Devices. No other spokesperson software has more than 30 adjustable features included free.

Broad Financial

It is very important that you understand exactly what your message is and what points you wish to highlight.

Sportz Pool

It is time to include videos on your website.

Photo Pog

Practically every business or site owner needs to use video on their website.