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Sketch Example
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A Whiteboard Explainer Video is a type of video which explains a product or service by using a whiteboard and drawings.

Explainer Example
Road Dog

They are usually used as an introduction for your website or as a sales tool for your product.

Drawing Example

Our whiteboard videos provide information in a clear and engaging manner.

Drawing Example

Explain a product or service in detail.

Sketch Example
NuttiPetZ FroHog

Explain your product, service, or idea with a whiteboard video.

Whiteboard Example

A whiteboard explainer video can be the best way to communicate your message to your audience.

Explainer Example
Vitamin Seed

Whiteboard videos are easy to understand because they use innovative sketches that capture the attention of the audience.

Whiteboard Explainer Example
Cofense Triage

The simplicity of whiteboard videos is exactly what makes it an excellent choice.

Sketch Example
Military City

Use a Whiteboard Video as an introduction to your website.

Sketch Example

Whiteboard videos are perfect for audiences with brief attention periods or are too hectic to look at full-length videos.

Whiteboard Explainer Example

People love watching Whiteboard videos because they are appealing and innovative.

Whiteboard Animation Example

Whiteboard videos are intriguing, so viewers are most likely to speak about it with others

Whiteboard Videos
Used For
  • Sales Video
  • Product Demonstration
  • Website Walk-through
  • Educational Video
  • Training Video
You Get
  • Professional Spokesperson
  • Skilled Editing and Compositing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphics
  • Effects
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Explain a product or service in detail.


What you need is a video from a skilled video production company. It will engage your potential customers' with irresistible content. Your estate planning video will have the empathy you need to acquire the self-confidence of your audience, construct brand name trust and create leads. With online video, you get the opportunity to show your audience what you carry out in a method they can connect to and comprehend.

NuttiPetZ FroHog

Explain your product, service, or idea with a whiteboard video.

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