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Whiteboard Videos
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Whiteboard Examples

Whiteboard Explainer Example
Vitamin Seed
Whiteboard Explainer Example
EZ Tax Return
Whiteboard Animation Example
Cofense Triage
Whiteboard Example
Military City
Whiteboard Example
Explainer Example
Whiteboard Explainer Example
Whiteboard Explainer Example
Explainer Example
Four Seasons Maui
Whiteboard Animation Example
Gorilla Desk
Drawing Example
Aeropure Fans
Sketch Example
Cost Effective
Tripple E Equipment

Making a marketing video of any quality can be both time-consuming and costly. They need many hours of work, especially if you are aiming for good video and sound quality. We charge on a per-minute basis. Since you approve the script in advance, you can influence the final cost by trimming the script to essentials only.

It is surprising, given how effective and affordable whiteboard video is, that it is not used more. Now is a great time to try this medium, while your competitors are still relying on old content formats.

Your Whiteboard Company

Every business needs a reliable and solid method of telling the world what they do, and how they do it. You could be launching an app, a web service, or an online store. You need to tell the world about your business. A whiteboard video is what you need to reach your target audience. We are the Whiteboard Video Company that can make the best videos for you. It's a cost-effective means of advertising your products and services.

Our Process
Whiteboard Showreel

Whiteboard Videos are an essential tool for marketers trying to convey complex ideas in a compelling way. They blend professional quality audio with illustrations that come to on the screen. Whiteboard animation makes even dry material interesting.

Our process is simple. We meet with you and collaborate on your script. Then our artists custom draw the illustrations. After that one of our spokespeople records the voice over. Then we animate the illustrations to match the voice over. Finally, we deliver your video.

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