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With 10+ years of experience in web video production, we will make you love working with Talking Heads. First, is our commitment to quality video. Second, our adherence to professional best practices. Then there is the creative side of things. We don’t believe in banal, murky, insipid videos so we aim to make jaws hit the floor with each video we make. These are some hallmarks that have inspired the Talking Heads® way.

Our Team

Our team of experts includes video editors, producers, professional spokespeople, animators, and compositors. We work tirelessly, to discover the latest techniques, hone new skills, and develop mastery with the latest tools. This makes the best video production services available for your website. We welcome challenges cutting across the digital world. From marketing, retail, to branding, we’re always keen to exceed the expectations of clients like you.

Our Process

If you’re a person that expects tick off your checkboxes without compromise, then our research, planning, and execution processes will appeal to you. Bottom-line, our video production process is what stands us out from the pack. We consistently deliver great videos project after project. Our videos are unique and tailor-made to meet your needs and budget.

Happy Clients

Whether for business or personal websites, an e-commerce website or social media campaigns or anything in-between, people associate us with quality. This is evident by the happy clients who keep returning for more collaboration and our positive approval rating by industry insiders. That’s far from what we expected when we started over 10-years ago. It’s become clear people love what we do from the first contact to stunning finish.


Our videos are completely filmed and composited right here at our studio to maintain our top quality standards and accuracy. All of our spokespeople are local professionals. Many have years of experience in acting, modeling, and TV presenting. We do not outsource our tasks to other workshops or freelancers. We film everything RIGHT HERE!

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Now, you can now enjoy an advantage over your competition thanks to our great prices. Commercial web designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and internet companies have all confessed: we’re the most cost-effective video production service they’ve ever used. Inevitably, the decision is yours, and you’ve heard about us. Now it’s your turn; tell us what you need. If adding shimmer to your website and getting a marketing an edge matters to you, then Talking Heads® is your best choice. Contact us NOW!


A video does not always need to be a hard sell.

Jane And Katie Comparison Video

Engage your website visitors and increase your brand's awareness with a custom video presentation.

Silver Sky

Our group of professionals includes: Video Editors, Producers, Spokespeople, Animators, Video Compositors, Social Media Experts, and also Copywriters.

Custom vs Generic

The history of advertising has shown that generic ads get the generic results. Your whiteboard images should be customized for your specific business model to tell your story. Not a generic template.

At Talking Heads® we collaborate with you to brainstorm the best ideas for your video. So if the best idea for your video is a drawing of a guy standing on his head while fairies dance around him. We draw that. We don't force you into templates or stock images and unlike other companies, you're not stuck with one choice of drawing style.

With Talking Heads® you can choose different styles. From cartoon to lifelike. From wacky and fun to standard cartoon to realistic and everything in between and when called for we can even add color. We can give images a solid straight line look or a looser freehand or filled.

Custom videos are proven to get 200 to 300 percent better results than generic templates. So if you're making a video why not make it right the first time and at an awesome price call Talking Heads® today.